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Why choose us?

The extensive selection of typical dishes offered by our restaurant bar in Palenque, are recognized for the good quality of their ingredients and hygiene in their preparation.

We have the Distintivo H No. 2535, which certifies us as an establishment with hygienic food handling. In Palenque only two restaurants have it. In addition, you will receive an excellent and warm service from our staff to make you feel at home.

Some of our specialties that we have for you, which you can enjoy in our dining room or in our outdoor plaza, are:
• Quesadillas tulips
• Empanadas Bambú
• Chipilin tamales with chicken
• Melted cheese with chorizo or mushrooms
• Divorced eggs
• Green chilaquiles

• Aztec soup

Be sure to try the magnificent seasoning of traditional Chiapaneca cuisine in our El Bambú Restaurant!
7:00 am to 10:30 pm.


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